Saturday, September 1, 2012

Finding Peace from Within

God has designed it to where we can find peace in every avenue of life. It's up to us to tap into whatever that peace may be. I think if we turned off the noise of our minds, delved into God's word, and really entered into that tranquil place, we would discover the peace that God has set before us. When you enter into that place, it's not about how much money we have. It's not about any thing that's on our schedules. It's not about what people may think of us.  It's about peace, tranquility, and love.

So many times our days are clouded with what others will think, how we did not meet the "standard", and what others are doing. The noise that goes on around us is menial, irrelevant, and basically....down right petty. TURN IT OFF! What is God's true purpose for your life? What is it that he really wants you to be doing? Do that. Work on your art!

I think we should get still...focus on that. God is love and we are God's...let's be love. Let's bask in the glory of the Lord. Let's do his will for our lives. Let's turn off the noise of what other's are saying, what we think others may think. We are in control of our destiny. Make God your blueprint.