Monday, April 8, 2013

Negative Nancy

Some people refuse to see the good out of life. They love to harp on the negative and always think that the world is against them. Well I had these Negative Nancy characteristics for a lot of years. What I found is this: this way of viewing life is like cancer to the soul. It eats away at you until you are completely destroyed in mind, body and spirit. I know that this has nothing to do with God's will for my life, so I had to stop; there is good in the world because God created it. Love is greater than everything else, and if I could begin to take that negative energy and convert it into positive energy and love, then all would be right with the world...all is right with the world. Choose the good life.


The older I get, the more I am accepting of the fact that we all are on a journey in life. We process things differently, we grow up differently, and we view things/situations differently. I have found myself taking things very personal and receiving them in a negative way. I realized just tonight that I have to remove my emotions from most situations and receive them with the heart of God. No one owes me anything. As long as my intentions are pure, I cannot worry about what another person does or why they do it. I probably could be justified in most things that I find "wrong" in others, but what does it really matter? I realize the change has to occur within me. Praying where I see a fault in a person, accepting their way of handling situations, and so on. No one is perfect. No situation is perfect. Only doing things God's way is perfect. That's what I strive for. Peace, Love and Light!