Monday, February 7, 2011

Flying Bunnies & Frozen Snail Shells

"He restores my soul." Psalms 23:3

I had an amazing weekend and am sooooo rejuvenated as a wife, as a mother, and as an educator. I attended a three day workshop in Jackson just learning on ways that I can improve in my classroom. It's kind of like a revival at church, you go to get that renewing of your faith. My kids were looking at me like I was a new human when I returned (probably because I took a 15 minute hot shower with no interruptions and I watched televison without getting the remote snatched out of my hand).

When I returned home, my own children were in ready mode (they never get out of ready mode), but we were so productive. I think it was because I was so hands on with them as opposed to being in the other room working on something else. We shot a commercial for my oldest daughter's English class, we completed a Newton's Law poster board for her gifted class. My oldest son found a snail shell in the backyard and decided to freeze it (I got an IM from his teacher this morning asking me what in the world was this thing unthawing in her class???? Yes, he took it to school without my knowledge). We also cleaned the yard and I actually killed the clothes monster....well almost. He never really dies.

Anyways, I particularly like to have sit down time with my kids at the dinner table (something I rarely do), but I notice every time I do sit, there is some intriguing conversation going on. Well, my kids were playing a game where they would say a word a phrase and the other would have to say the opposite. Well, my oldest two children where all into it and the youngest two decided they wanted to play. They are five so they come up with some of the most outlandish things to say. Well, my youngest son says, "Flying Bunnies!" and every body just stopped and looked at him like he was a flying bunny and burst into laughter. I realized at that moment that it is the simple things in life that means the most AND that things are a lot less chaotic when I'm right there in the middle instead of being all over the place. God has a way of teaching us lessons when we aren't even expecting them. Now, back to the frozen snail shell. Any other time I would have flown off the handle for him taking something like that to school, but I realized that he is a boy and boys will be boys. Moms just have to choose their battles.

I'll leave you with this: God is amazing. Life is amazing. Someone sent me this little quote, "Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here we might as well dance."

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