Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Relinquishing Control

“O Lord, I know the way of man is not in himself; it is not in man who walks to direct his own steps.” (Jeremiah 10:23)

One of the most consistent problems that I see within myself and within those around me is the control factor. We all want it. We don't want to give it up. We want to control our relationships, our future, and pretty much the outcome of anything that we are remotely close to being involved in. It is not our responsibility to control the things in our life. That is God and God alone. Webster's defines control as: to exercise restraining or directing influence over. We want to regulate everything.

All we have and should want control over is our choices. God can and will ultimately handle the rest. We want to control for various reasons. 1. That's our "personality." 2. We are afraid of the unknown. 3. We don't trust God. You have to be a very powerful person to control...maybe...I look at our government. They are suppose to be the power house. The one's who are in control of it all and they obviously don't have any control.

God is the master controller. He knows all and sees all. He can make the impossible possible. He doesn't want to bombard us with the troubles of the world. He wants us to relinquish the control that we think that we have and give it to him. All that trying to control will do to us is destroy us. We are not capable of controlling. As I stated before, all we have control over is our choices and God gives us all those. Whether they be good, bad, or indifferent, we have control over the choices we make. We just have to ensure that those choices are the right ones. Choices can bless you or haunt you for the rest of your life. Choices can make lasting friendships or ruin them. Choices can bring life or death.

Making good choices means relinquishing control of that which is not ours and focusing on the task that God gives us to do. To relinquish control we must operate in the spirit. The flesh can't give it up, but the spirit gives it all away.

Peace and Love.

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