Monday, April 8, 2013


The older I get, the more I am accepting of the fact that we all are on a journey in life. We process things differently, we grow up differently, and we view things/situations differently. I have found myself taking things very personal and receiving them in a negative way. I realized just tonight that I have to remove my emotions from most situations and receive them with the heart of God. No one owes me anything. As long as my intentions are pure, I cannot worry about what another person does or why they do it. I probably could be justified in most things that I find "wrong" in others, but what does it really matter? I realize the change has to occur within me. Praying where I see a fault in a person, accepting their way of handling situations, and so on. No one is perfect. No situation is perfect. Only doing things God's way is perfect. That's what I strive for. Peace, Love and Light!

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