Friday, June 17, 2011

From a Man's Perspective...

So we've heard from the women on why they felt black women don't lift up their husbands. I got really good feedback and I feel that the responses from our women really opened our eyes about ourselves. With that said, I wanted to hear from the guys and what they felt women could do to respect their husbands and make them feel like men. After all, we are married to them and we have to know how they feel and what makes them tick. Here is what they had to say (after having to NAG them to respond! LOL!):

"Black women as a whole are not taught at home how to love a black man. They are taught how to have apathy for us. When we try to teach, our teachings are dissected for fault and error instead of appreciated for guidance. Women can show respect by silence. Don't expect us to discuss problems we are facing, and then definitely don't judge how we handle our problems. Real black men have only one problem. Money. A woman becomes a problem when they don't stay in their lane."

"Help a guy feel like a man with your silence-no nagging, no questions, no talking. Women do not know the precious value of silence. It is hard to incorporate it into a relationship without the woman feeling unimportant or neglected. Thank you."

"Some women don't want to submit to their man because of their fear of losing control. Others don't show respect because some men are failing to take the lead. A leader must know how to serve! Women can show respect by listening to him without judging even if it goes against what you feel. Men are truth and falsehood strangely mixed. I could go further, but I'm busy!"

"Television and movies have brainwashed women. Nene Leakes vs Jennifer Aniston complex. Black women are always portrayed with attitudes. White women are nice, well liked and easy going."

F.Y.I. My better half wrote the first one! I told him he is so intelligent! I love his wisdom! All of the guys responses were amazing. The funny thing about getting feedback was that the women almost all responded immediately. The fellows all responded much later, and they let me know that I was getting on their nerves! LOL! It was all in love though. That's the difference between women and men. We perceive and feel so differently about certain issues. If we all just learn our roles, our marriages/relationships would be harmonious! Echoing what my husband said, the problem is, half of us have no idea what our roles are!

Give me some feedback on the comments of the guy's!

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