Friday, June 17, 2011

I am not my own

Living between two places has become difficult and frustrating especially when you are ripping and running up and down the highway every other day! This is a part of why I have been lacking on my blogging! I am finding peace within the storm though!

One of the things that I am particularly excited about in our move is the yoga class that I am joining! I have been practicing my own yoga for a couple of year's now, but I am ready to get with a professional who can show me the ropes and let me know what I am doing right and wrong on a consistent basis. It also will be an outlet for me to have all my own. I plan to start my classes when we move and so I have been reading up on some basics of yoga (roots, purpose, how to choose a class, etc.).
The following is a quote that I read from my book yesterday and I was truly blessed by it:

"The body and mind which we are so identified
is not all that we are; within us there is a
source of life that animates us."
-Cybele Tomlinson

I immediately thought of the holy spirit and it was a reminder that through all that I am faced with, the pressures of life, the joys and the disappointments, I AM NOT MY OWN. There is a power that lives within in me that allows me to wake up every morning, that gives me the ability to breathe, and is ultimately in control. I AM NOT MY OWN. I know that this is God and through his power alone, I am who I am.

The beauty of yoga is that it does not have to be a religious practice. People from all different religions are practicioners of yoga. I am truly thankful that I can take the concepts and apply them to my faith. God is awesome and through his holy spirit, there is a divine peace that surpasses all understanding. I look forward to tapping into that inner peace and truly learn how to let go and let God.

Be blessed!

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  1. The power of God is truly amazing. I just posted this blog and not an hour later I was outside speaking with my next door neighbor and she informed me that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer and as I gave my apologies she said in the sweetest, calmest, most faithful voice, "It's okay. This is not my body. God is in control." It's so awesome to be in the presence of God fearing, faithful people! Thank you God!