Friday, September 16, 2011

Following Directions

Accept instruction from his mouth and lay up his words in your heart. " Job 22:22

Okay. So I had to make caramel apples for my daughter's kindergarten class. Well this is my first time attempting this. Fortunately, good old Wally World had a kit and all I had to do was buy it and the apples:). Just to give you a little background information about me: I do not follow directions well. When I have to assemble something, I try to put it together first and then I read the directions when I can't make something fit. Then there's my driving. I'm really like a man when it comes to asking directions...I don't! Well the gps in my car is very confusing so I normally don't listen to her either. My driving excursion usually ends up with me lost and having to call my husband. Finally, following cooking directions...well today was another failed attempt. I realized after the third apple and me trying to figure out why my apples didn't look like the one's on the picture, that the directions said pull the caramel around the apple. I went back and did that. Well then it said to preheat the oven to 200 and put the apples in. Did that. The directions said to leave them in for five minutes. Well after five minutes they didn't look right to me (a person who has never made caramel apples a day in her life). So I put them in there for another two to three minutes. Now they look like they have blisters. :(

Aren't we just like that when it comes to following God's directions?! We go along as far as we want, but when things don't feel or look like we won't them to then we change the directions only to end up with a mess. And then we have to go all the way back through the process to get it right. If we only would have just followed directions the first time, we wouldn't end up with blisters. Follow directions the first time given!

Peace and Love.

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