Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Trusting God...Even with Squirrels

So, I came home on yesterday, sat on my couch, kicked off my shoes, and told the kids to bring me their backpacks so that I could go through them. As I went through the backpacks, my youngest daughter said, "Mama! Something just ran across the floor." Well, a few weeks back as I was cleaning I noticed an unwanted visitor...a mouse! So I've set out every trap and poison you can think imaginable (I don't do varmints!). So because of that, I just assumed that it was my little friend. Well, it wasn't...a couple of minutes later my oldest son apprehensively says, "Uh...Mama...There's a the kitchen...on the counter...eating cereal." So of course I jump up and out of the house leaving my kids to trail behind! Bad mom I know...not quite. Those kinds of things excite them, but terrify their mom! They were immediately on an after school adventure.

They would go in and out of the house several times trying to chase the squirrel out. Hearing all of the commotion, my neighbor kept peering out of his driveway to see what in the world those crazy Lockhart's were down there into today!" Around the third "peer", I said, "Excuse me! Would you please come here for a second?!" I explained to him that there was a squirrel in my house,I had no idea how to get him out, and that my husband was on his way but I was not waiting that long! He very nicely went in with my boys and they chased him out of the back.

Rewinding a bit. In the middle of the "Squirrel Fiasco", I went around to my back yard only to discover two deer grazing on my grass! They jumped the fence when they heard me. I'm thinking, "Is this a new version of Over the Hedge?!" After chewed up wooden shutters, cereal scattered about, and a well eaten leather chair, my husband felt as though his distraught wife needed a break from cooking dinner (after all, my kitchen had been VIOLATED!). We had some great take out!

Well at bed time, my youngest could not bear the thought of sleeping in her room so I happily obliged her by allowing her AND her big sister to sleep with me (I'm sure you're asking who was really scared). As I tossed and turned and thought about that stinky squirrel, I just worked myself into a frenzy: What if he brings his friends tonight while we are sleep?! Did he have rabies?! Was he in my room?! All of a sudden it came to me! Give it to God! You have to give it all to God, even this little stinky squirrel.

Oftentimes I think it's easy to trust God when big things happen and we are out of control, but sometimes with little things we let those work us up into a tizzy. We have to trust God with the little things too. So I prayed a little prayer and told God I was giving the squirrel over to him...just please don't let him come back in my house...or the mouse. Amen.

Peace and Love.

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