Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pockets of Peace

I absolutely LOVE the aforementioned
title! My BFF hipped me to this little saying one day as we were talking. She explained to me that life is hard, but we have to enjoy the pockets of peace that we encounter. Well I was immensely blessed this past weekend with more than my fair share of pockets of peace. My wonderful daughter is turning 12 this week so we traveled to see her favorite music group (Mindless Behavior followed by Diggy Simmons). I'm sure this isn't making sense to a lot of you, but they are equivalent to The Boyz, ABC, and for some of the more seasoned ladies, such as myself, New Edition in the "Bobby Brown Mr. Telephone Man days". Let me get back on track! So we picked her best friend and her mom up and we headed out. The girls enjoyed themselves soooo much! They screamed the entire time! I actually fell asleep during the last act and yes I was in a room with hundreds of screaming tweens, but when I need a nap, I take a nap...voluntarily or involuntary.

The best pocket of peace were:
1. Getting to take an UNINTERRUPTED shower!
2. A great nights sleep and waking up on my own terms (not to one of my 5 year olds prying my eyelids open to "see if I'm up.")
3. Exercising in the hotel as I watched my favorite show, Golden Girls!
4. Great company (The Fair's rock!).

On the way home, we stopped and visited my family. It's always great to be in one room with my grandma and her "girls" and my cousins. I got free dinner when I stopped by my bro's to check out his new pad.

And then it was back to business as usual! I missed my brood and was glad to be home. I came through the door in full "Mama Mode": washed dishes, ironed clothes, combed hair, signed folders, packed lunches, completed lesson plans, and watched tv with the hub. It was definitely back to business, but the pockets of peace sustained me and I was very grateful.

Savor those moments when God blesses you with those pockets of peace. They are well worth it.

11. Pockets of Peace
12. My I pad 2 (it has made even ME become more organized!)
13. God's grace
14. Comfy clothes
15. My Journalism students

What are you thankful for today?

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