Saturday, January 14, 2012

Peace. Love. Happiness.

I've always been on a quest, as are the most of us, to find peace, love, and happiness. All through the Bible it is mentioned. God desires for us to possess them, but I just could not understand why they were hiding from me. I was always sad, mad, and full of hate for one something or the other. I have discovered that each of these priceless things lie within me. I was looking everywhere except within. We have to know who we are as individuals before we can be any good to those around us.

I was very unhappy and I would often place the blame on someone around me or attribute it to some past pain that I had experienced. While I believe people and circumstances are contributing factors to the make up of who we are, we cannot be defined by those things. When we define ourselves by those things, that's when we move away from the will of God and that is when self-destruction begins. I often quote 2Tim. 1:7,"God does not give us a spirit of fear, but of love, power, and a sound mind." That's powerful. Love. Power. A SOUND mind. We possess the power to do or be anything that we desire because God said so! How refreshing is that?!

So often we don't move from our comfort zones because we are afraid to fail. Do it afraid! If God brought you to it, he will bring you through it! And if he didn't bring you to it, humble yourself and allow him to move you out of it! In order to have a wholesome, godly life, we have to be willing to step out on faith and embrace the power that we possess. We would rather make poor decisions, settle for less, bring others down through our words/actions, and live passively and recklessly instead of believing the promises of God. We possess so much, but until we believe that, we will always suffer and we will always struggle. You are beautiful. God is beautiful. Trust yourself. Trust HIM. The sky is the limit!

Peace and Love!

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