Thursday, January 2, 2014

Being Genuine is a Lost Art

So often people play the role of being this type of person or that type of person. They not only let on to be this type of way, but they also want to be respected and upheld because of who they say they are. As I get older, I realize this is merely a illusion that people have created in their simple minds. When you get to the core of these people, what you find is a person who is completely opposite of who they profess to be. As a people, we have gotten so lazy and manipulative that we put all of our energy into this illusion instead of taking that same God given energy into creating this person that we want others to buy into. There is such a show that is displayed until these illusionist will go to extremes to constantly find reason why you are wrong just to beef up this fake person that they've created. They will often make you live in your past, but their present is completely deceptive. I've also found that they will justify any unholy thing to make themselves feel right in their wrongdoing. I just wonder what kind of relationships we would have if we had more individuals actually being the illusions they've created...actually living the life that they would like you to believe they are already living.  Lives truly would be changed....God truly would be pleased. So as we gear up for 2014, my challenge for you is to be the image you portray on social media, be the person you preach to others about being, be the person you would have your spouse believe you are and actually do what you want them to believe you are doing because when it's all said and done, God sees and he knows.

Romans 12:9  "Let love be genuine; hate what is evil, hold fast to what is good."

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