Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Place of Perfection

So for my entire married life and my time as a mother, I have been anxiously awaiting to arrive at this place of perfection. The following is a description of this perfect place:

*The house is gorgeous and emaculate all of the time.
*The kids are quiet, obedient, and loving toward one another.
*My husband sends me flowers often and completes his honey do list on time.
*My car is clean.
*My children are angels at school.
*I remember the millions of things I'm suppose do the in the course of the day.
*I'm on time for work.

You get the picture I hope. Ain't none of this stuff going to happen, except for getting to work on time. We gotta eat. Life is not a script. You never know what you are going to get from day to day. The beauty of life is that it is ever changing and we have to trust God and ask him to direct our paths each day and give us the how to handle each and every situation. Things happen. Life happens. We have to trust God in the process. So if my car windows look like someone smeared bananas all over them, they probably did and it's okay! I will clean them just as soon as I get the opportunity!

Peace and Love.

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