Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Guest Blogger: Emily

A Living Testimony

So....I had a very long day yesterday.( five year old experienced first ever puking and diarrhea....I know too much information...but is was horrible.) I digress. Started with a sick child at 5:30 a.m., but the end around 6:30pm, Reese was a little better and we were out picking up some items. I was getting ready to leave a gas station and as luck would have it....my car would not start. I recalled Stayce telling me the battery cable gets a little loose. Well, it was loose, I didn't have any tools...and stranded. Backstory: Jordan was at work and Stayce was refereeing a game and he would not check the phone until 9pm. Stranded with an ill and very impatient five year old.

The Station clerk tried to help, but could not do much. He was working. I was becoming slightly overwhelmed...(you know the point when you ask a child to stop playing so loud because you can't think? I was there) Ten minutes passed.....and then the lightbulb went off. I recalled Tarrah Lockhart's blog about stop waiting for things to blow up before you give it to God. Take the small things to him. She took an issue with a squirrel to him. I said to myself...she took a squirrel...I'm taking this battery. So, I told Satan I rebuke you and Help me Lord!

I promise within five minutes, God sent me two angels. One guy said, I will just go to the part store up the road and buy you a new bolt, and he left....then immediately another guy came out that I later learned goes by the name of D Train. He asked what was wrong? I told him and he said, "I have one in my truck." While rumbling in his toolbox, he asked me, "Is it a side post battery?" I said, "Yes sir. He said, " Here it is. I got this. I am a mechanic. I do this for a living." God sent me a specialist. So he tightened the battery and then....the car made a noise. But didn't crank. I explained that it was doing more than it did...maybe it needs to charge. He said, "Nah, here's your problem." He showed me some loose wires. After a little jiggle, the car crunk right up. D Train told me what the problem was with my car and how to fix it and would not take any money for helping me. Unfortunately, I could not wait on the other guy. I didn't want to risk the car battery dying again from being idle, but I didn't leave without getting my praise on in the parking lot....while listening to " God is able...and he...won't fail" play on the radio.

I am guilty of always taking the BIG PROBLEMS TO GOD. I try my own hand a the small stuff. But hey, if it matters to me...it matters to God. He wants moments like this too when he can still show out....and send you a specialist to help you with your problems big or small.
Be blessed friends.

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