Thursday, October 20, 2011

Birthday Blessings

Twelve years ago today I, yes I (no one had endured 14 hours of labor pains but me!) brought life into this world withGod's guidance. It is so hard to believe that my first born is 12! She is truly a blessing to me, and because of this I want to make sure that I am the example that God wants me to be to her precious soul. She is busting the tween stage wide open with the love of all of the latest music and dances, trendy clothes and shoes, and unfortunately the dreaded "attitude"! I pray for God to give us a balance. I'm sure you guys remember how it was living in the house with your mom when you hit puberty. You just wished she would disappear because she did not understand you at all! I was that hormonal child! I have come to appreciate my mother a lot more.

I was reading an article with Michelle Obama and she said that President Obama was opposed to their daughters watching the Kardashians. She didn't mind as much because she wanted them to be able to critically watch something and be able to express what they learned from it. So, because I respect Mrs. Obama and the way she runs her household, I put this way of thinking to the test. Yesterday my daughter was listening to The OMG Girlz. They were singing a song that said, Gucci this, Gucci that, Gucci erthing! Gucci erthing!" I immediately explained to her my new rationale for allowing her to listen to certain things. I asked her what she felt she could learn from the songs that The OMG Girlz were singing or their message. Of course she looked at me like I had grew another head, and that I had personally attacked her with no regard to her new favorite girl group!

Even with that, because my little baby girl is busting the teenage stage wide open, I want to make sure that she holds herself to a higher standard. That she takes the road less traveled and always hold on to God's will for her life. As mothers, we must remember, we can't redo today. We have to make the best of the time when we have it. It is so precious. Happy Birthday!

Peace and Love.

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